Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fort Wayne Indiana Photographer : Senior Photography : Bluffton Indiana Photographer

I'm here and actually still a photographer . I love photography as much as I always have I have just been in a weird but super good place in life and I am not sure how to fit everything in , in a day. having teens and toddlers at the same time is no easy task . I used to have kids that went to bed at 8 and now I have teens that stay up and hang out in the evenings . I just haven't found a new good work rhythm so blogging and work has sadly been on the back burner.  However we are working on some new rhythms so I would like to start booking a few more sessions a month and move this business off the back burner a little bit. I am now scheduling for August and September and its never to early to schedule your fall sessions because those fill up very fast. Here are some of my favorites from one of my Seniors > I have space for three more seniors in August and am full for July.


Unknown said...

These are beautiful, Hannah!

Unknown said...

Thanks Keri she is a breeze to photograph so it makes my job easy !!!